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Latest Review (180 Customers)

Reassured me about my application | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I felt devastated about the wrong name input and other wrong information but they made sure to reassure me.

Reviewed By Austin Lane
An absolute must have a go-to website | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Been here for many many times and I will not get tired as this is one of the best found ever. you should really try Etihaduaevisa for all your endeavors with UAE visas.

Reviewed By Clemencia Fernard
Quick follow ups | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Follow up on the visa application and tracking information was quick.

Reviewed By Aman Kapil
Made me comfortable to work with | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I was nervous about the application but Etihaduaevisa made me comfortable to work with.

Reviewed By Anushka Singh
Pretty happy with decision | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Made the decision after thinking a lot and I am pretty happy.

Reviewed By Kalila Saifian
Got six visas at one time | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Though challenging they managed to process all the six visas in just five days and that is the fastest I got my visa even if I had applied for alone.

Reviewed By Dizan Faaz
Accurate results all time | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Never once did I get a result that is lesser than the accuracy that they have mentioned. Good work that must be kept up all time

Reviewed By Jonathan Pears
I needed soothing | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I wanted to be comforted by someone who would tell me I can do it and Etihaduaevisa did it for me.

Reviewed By Benzi Chris
Simply the best | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

It is hard to come across good UAE visa providing sites and this is by far simply the best I have come across.

Reviewed By Priyam Nayak
Recommended in particular | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

I particularly recommend Etihaduaevisa for their service and visa providing skills which never goes wrong.

Reviewed By Anagha Bharat
Speed reply to inquiry mails sent | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

I sent a few number of mails to ask about my card details and how can I get to know about whether it will remain secure and they did not take much time to answer all of those mails. Pretty much happy that they were quick on their actions and hence not delaying my application process.

Reviewed By Sid Shubh
UAE visas never went this easy | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Although I have tried a lot many times to apply for a UAE visa by god knows how many sites and now I applied through Etihaduaevisa and sure this site lets me get my visa real fast than every other site.

Reviewed By Dean Melrouy
Outstanding experience | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Had an ultimately good experience while I applied for my UAE visa and the online reports were also good and hence I will definitely give a whole star review.

Reviewed By Johnnie Kale
Need no words | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

The site needs no words to be expressed the site is just amazing as the services are given. Impressed.

Reviewed By Jinnie Jane
Caring and helpful | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

While others really wouldn't care much about the application of a person for a visa, the team at Etihaduaevisa has cared about my application and had a close follow-up all the time that I went through a difficult phase. Expressing deep gratitude indeed.

Reviewed By Saiba Sahil
Made a request and got my info ready | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

It is important that you know what is going on with each step and Etihaduaevisa surely does help in knowing it.

Reviewed By Swetlana Noah
Had fun as well | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

It is rare that a person can have fun with a visa application and I liked that about Etihaduaevisa that I could have fun while applying.

Reviewed By Kris Jeff
Appreciated a lot for all your aid of assistance | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

A good aid of assistance.

Reviewed By Mayur Ritik
Visa list helped me | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

The visa list right on the main page helped a lot in making the right decision as the whole information was given. I chose the 30 days visa for tourists which is valid for 60 days and having a stay of 30 days. This is a was a single entry one and I got this visa in just four days' time. glad to have applied.

Reviewed By Shiv Chaudhary
I liked it overall | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Here are some points I liked about Etihaduaevisa: 1. right after filling in the form, there was information on how to contact them 2. usually it takes 2 weeks for processing in my case it only took 4 days 3. went a lot better due to clear instructions on the site and due to an active conversation. Didn't find any fault. everything was smooth and good.

Reviewed By Rashi Raina
Made a complicated process into a simple one | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

I was a newbie while applying for my Etihad visa but now that I have used Etihaduaevisa is such a good site that they made the complicated process an easy one and such simplified for me.

Reviewed By Riya Rinse
Made an opportunity come true for me | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

I am a citizen of the United State of America and I have been trying my best to get an opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates. Though I had the time to travel, I couldn't get visa issued as there was some or the other mistake in my application which eventually led to the cancellation. But then I tried my luck and applied for a UAE visa through Etihaduaevisa and I did obtain it as they had assured. Thank you for not only assuring but also making this an opportunity come true.

Reviewed By Katalin Paiser
Met with my cousin in UAE. Happy | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

I was not sure what to do to travel to UAE as my cousin from America was already there and I wanted to meet him but had no visa to travel to the UAE. That is when I applied for one through Etihaduaevisa and they did the needful for me while also explaining everything and how I should complete it. A very good service was provided and hence I could also meet up with my cousin in the UAE. Thanks for the work done.

Reviewed By Clince Sanders
Paid farewells to me | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Even after I finished off my visa application and even after the visa was delivered they aid farewells and wished me a good travel to UAE this has just increased the bar of impression on them for me.

Reviewed By Luke Hyde
Only information that is needed asked | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Unlike some other sites, where information was asked which was not even required I noticed that Etihauaevisa only asked for those which are needed. Great contribution in making it necessary to understand for all the people the meaning of privacy.

Reviewed By Esther Brian
Request was heeded out fast | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

They paid heed to my request for checking the details of the processing of my UAE visa which was then answered upon quickly and hence providing a very fast service.

Reviewed By Jessica Dell
Kept on reminding to check my information | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I am very happy that they told me to keep checking my information that I enter and I did so and that is when I found that I made a small mistake. Though a small mistake just because I heard what they said, I could correct it and hence save my application.

Reviewed By Dennie Dan
My gratitude to you | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I got the visa quickly and very easily through Etihaduaevisa and the people who talked to me via chat were also too good and helped me a lot, I appreciate and will greatly recommend Etihaduaevisa.

Reviewed By Karim Mudain
Jolly about the visa | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Got hands-on assistance, lowest prices were given and is way better and easy to use than any other UAE visa site available. I very very much appreciate it

Reviewed By Nancy Alex
Been a great support | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Cost me ridiculously low that you will never even imagine. and when I talk about the process, it is absolutely the best of way of getting a UAE visa and that too very easily. The team members were actually able to help me at each step o matter how hard or how difficult it really appreciated the diligence shown. unlike other rip-off businesses where they only aim at your money and the blue that you pay, Etihaduaevisa actually cares for its customers and gives genuine visas as well. Thanks for your support throughout.

Reviewed By Dev Bismuth
Highly responsive staff | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

All of the staff members that I have ever contacted during my whole application have always been highly responsive to my queries and concerns. Would definitely use Etihaduaevisa for all of my future UAE visa endeavors.

Reviewed By Mansi Ashwin
Very nicely handled | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I am happy with the way they behave with their customers. If there is some fault they let you know about it which is done by experts and hence when applying through Etihaduaevisa I am least concerned about the visa needs. They look after everything very nicely.

Reviewed By Zeeshan Jafar
The best only | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I have always found only the best for me and Etihaduaevisa has not gone any below and I guess that says it all.

Reviewed By Audrey Elijah
Clear information on everything | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Everything was clear the requirements and documents and I also quite loved the communication that I had regarding the status of the process that was ongoing.

Reviewed By Kailey Cooper
Went to UAE | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Excellent work guys! each and every step was worth applying for and I really did make it to UAE.

Reviewed By Caleb Jordan
Good site to have your UAE visa | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Easy set up great follow up and good services were given. will definitely have my visas to UAE booked via Etihaduaevisa again

Reviewed By Habir Rashid
Will let more people know about Etihaduaevisa | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

one of the online sites which are very easy to use. I have also asked my friends to check this site out and I also do recommend this site to you for all your UAE visa cases.

Reviewed By Adam Ben
Really good | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Had a good experience.

Reviewed By Eric Sam
Simple process | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Saw a great job deal being done here. had also kept the promise without any delay and hence keeping the trust between us intact. I am really glad about the process is so simple. Here is how I applied for my visa: 1) checked my eligibility for UAE visa 2) selected 30 days single entry tourist visa worth 155 US dollars and with some service fee 3) gave details on the application form 4) paid the fees That's it then the confirmation mail was set over about the money that was received.

Reviewed By Elise Paul
Real fast application | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Helped me to finish off really smoothly and was able to get off the application process really fast and did not need much time as I had other things to do as well.

Reviewed By Grace Steven
Good and efficient, will use more! | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Faster and efficient than any other site I have ever applied for my UAE visa. should have just used them right away instead of letting my money go to waste over the long and endless applications that others had given. Will recommend to all that use it at first go itself!

Reviewed By Manika Yadav
UAE visa was the best when ordered through Etihaduaevisa! | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Was quick to come to my help and get me the visa to UAE. Was unsure of which visa to take at first as there are many options and you tend to easily get confused about the way the visa works and which one will be the best. which is why I contacted them and said my needs and after a long conversation of my trip planning they gave me the best of options. I chose one and that's it there was my UAE visa!

Reviewed By Susan Ryan
I got the visa really early | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Got the visa much much earlier than expected will give Etihaduaevisa a try again!

Reviewed By Rhea Nunes
Organized and good | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

The process was quite organized and it is the best process have ever been through. No ads in between, neither were there an obstacle while applying. Truly great!

Reviewed By Barry Carl
Really good as an overall compliment | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Very happy with the service, instructions were clear and comprehensive, the form was much easier than expected, had a briefing before I started the application(which made it even more easier), received the visa in a very timely manner

Reviewed By Pia George
Thumbs up! | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Very convenient and the online form that I had to fill up was very easy. It saved me from a lot of hassle. A great thumbs up for your team!

Reviewed By Hillary Clince
Very easy it was | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Easiest UAE visa application ever

Reviewed By Sarah Khalki
Another level experience | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

All of my questions were answered back and the friendly customer service I experienced was on another level. my UAE visa was processed really quickly and I am waiting for another of my visa now. thanks for everything yu have done

Reviewed By Barbara Hinders
Team members did a great job | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Fast and super smooth! did not expect such good results after application. got my UAE visa just within two days time frame y'all I'm happy!!

Reviewed By Martin Mane
Easy peasy solutions | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Whenever asked for a solution I got it!

Reviewed By James Kiann
A good application for my UAE visa | Date Posted 29/Aug/2020

All you need to do is fill in an application that is as simple as any other application that you fill in and can be done very easily within minutes or so and even I was done within such a small time. True to say that they will be the ones to handle the rest of the work and I need not do much.

Reviewed By Richard Gibson
Thanks for support | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

Thanks for your support in each step in applying for my UAE visa

Reviewed By Alex Hartle
Great help for me | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

A good and accurate service was given. I liked how they had the patience that they would wait for me to complete all my questions and then give only the right answers for them. Great help for me to complete my application on time

Reviewed By Jyothi Harish
Greatly impressive work | Date Posted 10/Nov/2020

My UAE visa I applied for through the embassy was a total failure. That's when my friend recommended me about Etihad UAE Visa and to be honest it is a great boon for me that I found this agency. They did a really great job of processing my visa and availing it on time for my travel.

Reviewed By Eliz Mark
Excellent visa service | Date Posted 22/Jan/2021

I had to get visas for my whole family which was carried out extremely professionally and easily by their team. So if I have to review eithad uae visa I would just use one word and that would be excellent.

Reviewed By Wendy Garner
Got My Etihad UAE Visa in 48 Hours | Date Posted 23/Jan/2021

I was in urgent need of the UAE Visa and got in contact with Etihad UAE Visa and they got me the UAE Visa in just 48 Hours, There Customer Support Team helped me to fill the Visa application form without any hassle and I easily goy mu UAE Visa. Thank You for your great service. I will totally recommend you my other friends.

Reviewed By K. Steffan
Fast Visa Approval | Date Posted 05/Mar/2021

Etihad UAE Visa got my Etihad Visa approved in just 2 days. It is the fastest visa service I have ever received. Totally recommended. Thank You So Much

Reviewed By Marco Dsouza
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