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working as a sales agent in uae

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The UAE (United Arab Emirates), canister and be a self-governing ceremony in Western Asia located at the eastern carry within the past an objective of the Arabian cape. It borders Oman and Saudi Arabia and has maritime borders within the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran. Working as a sales agent in UAE will require you to know about some of the basics of sales. However, you need to worry about the same as Etihad UAE Visa will have you covered on it and will also help you get to know more about working in UAE.

A foreign supplier seeking to import and distribute its products within the UAE may do so either by stepping into a billboard agency agreement with a UAE national or an organization wholly owned by UAE nationals, stand-in as an agent, and governed by UAE centralized rule No. 18 of 1981 on Commercial Agencies; establishing an onshore company for the import and distribution of its products within the UAE, in partnership with a UAE national or a corporation wholly owned by a UAE national, and governed by UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies. The onshore company’s commercial licence must explicitly cover the trading activity important and distribution of goods.

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Entering into a contract with a UAE entity licensed to import and distribute goods within the UAE. The contract are getting to be governed by UAE Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 on Civil Transactions; incoming into a franchising agreements with a UAE person certified to import and issue possessions contained by the UAE.

The franchising agreement are getting to be governed by UAE Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 on Civil Transactions; or

entering into a venture agreement with a UAE entity licensed to import and distribute goods within the UAE. The venture agreement are getting to be governed by UAE Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 on Civil Transactions.

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Somewhere the unknown supplier opts for establishing an onto land company approved to import and deliver its harvest inside the UAE, the provisions of UAE central principle No. 2 of 2015 on for profit Companies will use (the corporation Law).

Section 10 of the company Law provides that, with the exception of companies where all the partners are UAE nationals, any company established within the UAE shall have one or more UAE partners (either UAE nationals or companies wholly owned by UAE nationals) holding a minimum of 51 per cent of the whole capital of the company (the local sponsor).

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The effect of these provisions is that if a faraway supplier wishes to transact its business important and distribution of products within the UAE through an onshore company, ownership inside the UAE- established guests cannot, at any time, exceed 49 apiece cent above the mandatory 51 apiece cent ownership of the neighborhood sponsor. it's merit stressing that unknown suppliers cannot do their trading transaction within the UAE through a sheer branch: in practice, the competent licensing establishment allow denied compromise brushwood of distant suppliers, licences to import and administered goods.

You must appoint an Emiratis agent to conduct trading activities if you're doing not have a physical presence within the UAE. 

Now that you know how working as a sales agent in UAE goes about you can have your own sales business set up or apply for one in the United Arab Emirates now!

Commissioned Agents: 

They act as brokers, who link an exporter’s product with a faraway buyer. Usually, the agent doesn't fulfill the orders, but passes them to the exporter for acceptance. These agents can sometimes assist with export logistics like packing, shipping and export documentation.

Export Management Companies (EMC’s): 

EMC’s bill as an exporter’s off-site export department, in situ of the exporter’s produce to budding unfamiliar buyers. The EMC searches for sphere on behalf of the export stiff and takes forethought of each one aspects of the export transaction.

Hiring an EMC is typically a viable option for smaller exporters who lack the time and expertise to interrupt into foreign markets on their own. An EMC provides a spread of services from negotiating export contracts to providing after-sales services. However, they need a bent to be demand-driven and transaction-oriented, acting as an agent between the customer and seller. Most ETC’s will take title to your goods for export and may pay your company directly. This arrangement practically eliminates the risks related to exporting. However, the exporter must confirm that appropriate checks are made regarding the ETC. More often than not, ETC are often an honest source of export opportunity.

Export merchants:

 Export merchants are the ones who will be purchasing then re-packaging of the products for export will take place, assuming all risks and selling the merchandise to their own customers. This export intermediary option should be considered carefully; as your business runs the danger of losing control over your product’s pricing and marketing in foreign markets.


during this case, an exporter allows another firm, which already has an export distribution system in place , to sell your product additionally to its own. Co-exporting (sometimes called piggyback exporting) has several advantages. This arrangement can assist you gain immediate foreign market access. Also, altogether the requisite logistics including advertising abroad are borne by the exporting company.


strange distributors approve of a creation from an exporter and re-sell it at a profit. They maintain an inventory of the export product, which allows the customer to receive the products quickly. Distributors often provide after-sales service to the customer also as handling the issues involved in import country customs regulations and processing.

Foreign government buying agents:

 Foreign government or quasi-governmental agencies are often liable for procurement. this type of exporting can often represent significant export potential for small exporters. Foreign country commercial attaches within the UAE can provide an exporters with the suitable in-country procurement office contact details.

Under a contract regulated by UAE Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 on Civil Transactions, a supplier may control the geographical spot to which its allotment partner resells.

Now that you have understood how working as a sales agent in UAE goes about, you can now apply for your own sales agent job and get your visa booked through Etihad UAE Visa. 

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