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How does one obtain a residency visa for the UAE

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With technology and simple travel resources, avenues of different countries have opened up for everyone all around the world. All a person needs to do is apply for a passport from their home country or nation of residence, and they are ready to explore the world. Apart from passports, visas and permits are given depending on the nations to which one wishes to travel. Changing the residence country is one of the big m moves of a person’s life.

UAE is a great country with many scenic locations, exotic vacation spots, a good standard of living, exceptional health care and a great education. It has all the features which are attractive to someone that wants to shift their residence to UAE with their families. To get a resident visa for the United Arab Emirates, a comprehensive application process must be followed.

This article is an overview of the process of getting a UAE residence visa and the significance of having a UAE residence visa



A resident visa is provided to a foreign individual who enters the country with entrance authority. Here is all the information regarding the UAE residence visa you want on it: 

  • Only sponsors who meet GDRFA standards may apply for a foreigner's resident visa. 
  • A resident visa requires the person being sponsored to undergo a medical examination, demonstrate fitness for travel, and pass a security assessment
  • The duration of a resident visa varies based on its kind and the sponsor. Duration of one, two, or three years are all feasible. 
  • If the journey is shorter than six months long, the GDRFA will attach a resident visa to the passport, allowing him to travel freely within the UAE for the term of the visa's validity. Otherwise, the visa will be cancelled. 
  • For applying for a residence visa the applicants may need a medical and security check.  
  • The residence visa validity may be of one, two or three years depending on the type of visa and the sponsor. 
  • If you plan to stay in the UAE for a lengthy period, you must get a resident visa. With a residence visa, one can open a bank account, get a bank loan, get a driver's license, use the healthcare system, and travel to many other nations without a visa. 


There are three primary ways to get a residence visa in the UAE. These three ways are: 


Gaining employment in the UAE will get you a residency visa of up to two to three years. Your residence visa application, sponsorship, and renewal will all be handled by the business. 

Purchase of Property 

To fulfil the requirement of getting a residency visa, you can purchase a property worth 1 million AED in UAE. Another category to apply for a UAE visa is having an investor visa. 

Company Registration

Starting or inaugurating a new startup can also get you a residency visa in UAE. However, your company needs to be registered with proper documentation in UAE. 


The process of getting a residence visa is not that complicated if you fulfil their visa requirements. But before we hop into the visa application process, let's take a look at the documentation required to process your visa: 

  • Original passport with unfilled pages, valid for six months after arrival. 
  • 2 clear-background photos of the size of the passport 
  • evidence of the sponsor's authorised residence. 
  • Your certificate of physical fitness. 
  • Your health insurance contract. 
  • Legal evidence of your sponsor's address. 


Getting a residence visa requires some preparations from your end beforehand. And to meet those, you will be needed to travel to the UAE. Now you know about visa documentation, let’s take a look at the procedure to get a UAE visa:  

  • Firstly, you need to visit Etihad UAE Visa, an advanced robust platform designed to provide advanced visa services. 
  • You need to select your citizenship and living country
  • A basic e-visa form will appear. Fill it out without any error and supply the required documents along with it. 
  • Minimal visa charges will be required which you can pay as per your preferred payment mode
  • You will receive your application and tracking ID after everything is finished, which you may use to follow your visa application until it is accepted. 



This article concludes with the procedure and facts that are related to the UAE residence visa. This article should assist you in deciding if you want to live in the UAE or merely travel there for vacation. Choosing the right platform is equally important though whenever it comes to visa application and undoubtedly, Etihad UAE Visa makes the best candidate among all when it comes to visa services. With Etihad UAE Visa, you can simply apply for a new visa in just a few steps. Etihad UAE Visa also provides 24X7 help assistance and is just a phone call away to solve your queries. So if you are looking for applying for a UAE residence visa, Etihad UAE Visa is the place to go. 

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If you are not coming on an employment contract, you can get a resident visa in the UAE either investing in real estate or registering a business.  

Etihad UAE Visa is the finest and most suggested location to apply for an e-visa to the UAE. They offer the best immigration services available thanks to their 24-hour help line and 100% visa success record.

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