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team building activities you can do in the uae

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most beautiful countries in the world situated in the Persian Gulf and has the tallest buildings in the world. it is known to be a sci-fi-esque city. A palm-shaped island with small-sized malls, palatial beach resorts, luxurious hotels, and a mixture of traditions. This place full of wonders is one of the destinations where you can conduct your team building activities. However, when it comes to team building activities you might get confused do here is a list of team building activities you can do in the UAE and how you can pull it off by Etihad UAE Visa

Places like the Sharjah natural history museum located on the north side of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, people can educate them and enjoy the beauty of it. Fujairah where you can see endless beaches. A place where flowers will remind you of the beauty of nature is called Miracle Garden in Dubai, a country full of mesmerizing things. 

Dubai is famous for its architecture and the world's tallest building is The Burj- Khalifa is situated has 163 floors and a Marina which has 101 floors, princess towers, and Elite Residence these are some famous buildings in Dubai, UAE is also known to be a skyscraper.

All these luxuries and richness must have taken a lot of effort and teamwork to build such a beautiful country.

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UAE is known to be a Hub for the business work people come to set up their business from far away places and UAE has its richness in everything from business to clothes and food and the tradition that you can see there. 

It is not only famous for the luxury but also the history and archaeological aspects of it.

Team Building Activities in UAE

Team building activities are mainly for the purpose to motivate people to work together, to develop in strength and to strengthen the weak points if there is any among the team, so mainly team building activities build the atmosphere of working together as a team rather than working as a competitor with each other.

You will be able to find: a lot of programs that offer and make sure to provide such interesting activities that build and bind the team together, they plan indoor and outdoor activities that strengthen the team.

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Types of activities 

There are a total of four types of activities

  • Communication Activities:- The main agenda of these activities is to have the interaction between the team and they should understand each other's perspectives and views. This helps to develop interpersonal skills and also how much two individuals relate to each other.
  • Problem Solving activities:- These activities are made up to help in solving critical problems and how as a team you should handle uncertain situations.
  • Planning activities:- how a team comes up with different ideas and plans for a project that helps the team to listen to each other's views and comes up with a common decision.
  • Trust building activities:- when it comes to trust sometimes it is hard to trust each other fully, as a team it is important to trust each other's decisions this activity builds a mutual understanding and commitment between the teammates.

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Fun team activities in Dubai

Escape the Mob:- it's an online platform activity that is an interactive and fun activity which is specially designed for teams.

Escape Hunt:- This is an activity that gives you a true experience where your main task is to solve the challenge and find the escape then.

Hint Hunt Dubai:- The main challenge is to climb a mountain of puzzles and mysteries in a small room. You will get a time limit if you can't. You will be trapped inside. 

Countdown Challenge:- solving a hard puzzle to find your way.

Battle Player:- It gives you a VR player game experience fight and survive and win the game.

Challenge Chambers:- A room full of riddles and finding objects to find your way out.

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After the covid situation 

  • The situation of covid has made the situation worse for everyone, offices have shut, schools and colleges and other organs=zations as well. The economy of the world has come to a very lower extent where it is hard to keep the spirit within the employees.
  • To keep that spirit on between the employees some games and activities are being designed to help the employees to have trust and communication with each other.
  • Activities and events are being conducted online after the situation of Covid 
  • To help the employees to stay connected and strengthen as a team even virtually.
  • Offices have tried to come up with different ideas to conduct these activities like virtually on different applications on Zoom, Google meets, and other applications that are still playing an important role in human life.
  • They plan the rewards as well to give after one team wins to encourage and help them to stay connected and to keep that energy on. 

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Q. What are the benefits of team building activities?

Team building activities aim at building a good teamwork and followed by good result at your workplace. It can also get you an idea of how the entire team can pull off a particular given project. 

Q. Team building activities during the lockdown?

To keep your team in place even during the lockdown you can conduct some of teh fun activities as mentioned in the above article.

Q. How Team building activities are conducted for work from home?

Team building activities can be conducted on various online platforms and can also be done through various team gaming activities. 

Q. What are the interesting activities of team building?

You can take a reference from the above-given list to get your own team building activities you can do in the UAE

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