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some of the best places to visit in sharjah

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Sharjah accounts for the 3rd largest and 3rd most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There is a total of 7 cities forming the UAE out of which Sharjah is said to be the hub of heritage and cultural places with quite a lot of tourist attractions to explore. Hence with a list of some of the best places to visit in Sharjah you can enjoy your trip to the United Arab Emirates at its best and can also be worry-free about any visa-related queries as they will be handled no matter what by the team at Etihad UAE Visa.


Al Qasba is on the top of this list of the best tourist places to visit in Sharjah because of this place being the most beautiful, scenic, and close to nature. 

This is the most appropriate place for a family place to explore. With canals, waterfront, and its pretty off – white colored bridges, this place is good for photography. You can visit Al Qasba for free and this place is open to visit at night as well. Definitely one of the things to see in Sharjah that you ought to see.

Al Qasba  entrance fee – Free of cost for entry 


Sharjah aquarium has to be one of the best indoor places to visit in Sharjah . This place is located in Al Khan district. It provide a variety of ore than 200 underwater creautres species to look at and gain information about. Well, the ocean is something which can make everything romantic, so this place is good for couples as well as families whose kids enjoy knowing about the ocean life surrounding the UAE. 

While this place is open till late at night, the fee price includes the price of entering the museum telling everything about the history of the aqua life of UAE. 

Sharjah Aquarium entrance fee: Children aged between 2 to 12: AED 15 per person ( INR 300 )

Sharjah Aquarium entrance fee: Adults aged 13 and more: AED 25 per person ( INR 500 ) 

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What used to be a wasteland and used for dumping rubbish is now said to be one of the most attractive places to visit on a vacation in Sharjah. Home to over 200 different bird species, this place is the most peaceful place to visit. Listening to bird sounds is said to help with anxiety as well. So, this place is a must-visit for all the bird watchers out there. The place is said to be a green lung of Sharjah and why not. Its diverse ecosystem including wetlands, lakes, ponds, and dunes makes it the perfect place for nature lovers. 

It's also the best place for photography in Sharjah. 

Wasit nature reserve entrance fee  - 15 AED  per person (INR 300)


This museum has to be on your bucket list while visiting Sharjah because it's one of the most interesting outdoor places to visit with friends or family. 

Firstly, talking about the location, it is located in one of the top locations of Sharjah i.e. the Al-Majarrah Waterfront also located centrally in Sharjah. The museum is divided in seven different galleries which shows a huge number of novel artifacts that feature the incomparable Islamic Civilization from the main century AH (7 AD) to the fourteenth century AH (20 AD). Guests to the exhibition hall can investigate the revelations and innovations of Muslim researchers all through the old Islamic history. This Sharjah Art Museum will make sure you never get disappointed no matter how many times you go.

Museum entrance fee  : 

  • Infants ( 2 years or less ):  Free of cost
  • Children aged between 2 and12 years: AED 5 per person ( INR 100 )
  • Adults (13+ years): AED 10 per person  ( INR 200 )
  • Senior citizen (60+): Free of cost
  • People with Disabilities: Free of cost

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Situated in the wonderful Khalid Lagoon (close to Flag Island in Sharjah) by the rental condos in Al Khan, Al Noor is an artwork place, intended to bring out the social side of any guest. Open simply by boat or a walkway, the island is a tranquil asylum away from city life, loaded up with site-explicit workmanship establishments, ordinary shows, a scholarly structure (ideal for unwinding with that book you've been lagging to give a try to read ), a play area for kids and butterfly house. 

This island is also a famous tourist attraction in the summers also. Open till late night as well and for more time on weekends. This place is perfect for everyone to visit. 

Al Noor Island ticket price : 

Ages for 13 and above: AED 35 per person ( INR 700 ) 

 Ages 3 to 12: AED 20 per person ( INR 400 )


For all the wildlife lovers, nature lovers, and families planning trips, this place should top the list for places to visit in Sharjah. Arabia's Wildlife Center is home to the Arabian panther, the oryx, and other uncommon creatures for seeing and admiring.  The Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden, one of the main stops in Sharjah for ecotourism, offers an abundance of information about the verdure i.e. wildlife in the Arabian Peninsula.

This desert park is also one of the top places for photography in Sharjah.

Sharjah Desert Park entry fee:

Aged 2 to 12 years old: AED 5 ( INR 100 ) 

Aged 13+ years:  AED 15 per person ( INR 300)

Children aged  under 2 years: Free of cost 

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Souq Al Jubail is one of the best places to explore in Sharjah because of the busy city life it shows. It is the biggest marketplace in Sharjah to buy groceries and freshly imported products at a pocket–friendly price. This place is located off the Sharjah corniche, by the boats in the water, this place stands as an important architectural piece of work. 

Souq Al Jubail is the best example of shopping done at the good cast and also good for exploring the culture and food of the UAE in the best manner possible. 

Hence with these many fun places to visit in Sharjah, it is sure that one will never be tired of roaming around in UAE and will never run out of options.

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