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list of 10 best budget hotels in uae

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is that toasty part of the world that catches the eyes of many travellers to be on their bucket list. To enter this country one will need to have a UAE visa which is now possible to be applied through Etihad UAE visa at a faster rate and at low prices. The cities are an apt combination of tradition and westernization which completely exceeds the expectation of the travellers. Hence here is a list of the 10 best budget hotels in UAE that you can now choose from for your travel. From the tallest buildings, to exquisite travel destination, to lavish lifestyles there lies some or the other thing to fit into the taste and budget of everyone. 

The pomp and show of the country makes it fall among one of the richest of countries which could make anyone’s bank account shudder but there are a numerous hotels that can assure a comfortable as well budget friendly stay in the country without draining the pockets of the travellers.

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The arrival of cheap hotel apartments in Dubai has paved a way to provide a variety of accommodation styles to UAE. Today the cities has numerous three and four star ratings hotels that provides affordable stay with high end services as well as cutting edge facilities. These budget friendly hotels range from being basic to even having glorious rooftop pools, 24 hours gym facility and gaming consoles. The late night cocktails, beautiful restaurants and even some occasional boutique cinema add on to the attractions and glamour of the city with affordable prices.

Goldstate Hotel 

Goldstate hotel is a 4 star hotel that find itself among of the most famous hotels in Dubai because of its affordable rate and uncompromising quality of services. This hotel proves that its quality is not sacrificed due its cheap rate. It provides free wifi as well as concierge services.

Zabeel House by Jumeirah, The Greens

This is a 4 star hotel that has brought the crowd on a previously overlooked residential area. This is social hub attracting a bunch of crowd with its services and is located centrally just off Dubai’s main highway. They provide well furnished rooms with access to organic spa, gym and pool with concierge services as well as free wifi.

Suba Star Apartments

These are low priced apartment style hotels that have become a major place to stay for travellers who enjoy sightseeing since these have an ideal location for exploration for travellers. These provide comfortable accommodation, 24 hour reception as well as facilities for disabled. Cheap hotels in Dubai are hard to come by but still Suba star apartments still remain as one of the choices of people who travel to UAE.

Aloft City Centre Deira, Dubai

This is a 4 star hotel situated in ‘Old Dubai’, where tradition and heritage meets with high end technology with a glorious rooftop cinema. This place allows its guests to watch the starry sky on the big screen while enjoying snacks on a recliner seat. The hotel takes its inspiration from Hollywood and bollywood with rooms being stylish and comfortable at the same time. Outside pool, gym, concierge services, free wifi adds to the many services provided by the hotel.

City Avenue Hotel

This is a 3 star comfortable accommodation that is located at the heart of the Deira district of Dubai. Its presence close to the Great mosque, Dubai world trade center and Dubai Mall makes this hotel more responsive to traveller’s attention. Its serviced includes free wifi, free parking, restaurant services and concierge services.

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Abu Dhabi offers several ways to explore its neighbourhood and entices the visitors with a family friendly bargain price to have a visit to it. This place offers several places to have a comfortable cheap hotel apartments in Abu Dhabi without worrying about the draining of one’s pocket. Here are some budget friendly options to stay which places Abu Dhabi among the most loved places o travel for the budget conscious travellers. Getting into these the people can just put their walking shoes on and enjoy the entices this place offers to them without much of a worry.

Al Diar Mina Hotel

This place is a centrally located hotel that offers its visitors with comfort and peace. It is situated within an easy reach of the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Their services includes free wifi, easy access to the bar, restaurants, a 24 hour front desk and stylish and spacious rooms. 

Southern Sun Abu Dhabi

This is 4 star hotel located within an easy reach of Abu Dhabi Mall which accounts to one of the travellers attraction. This place provides its gusts with services like free valet parking, free wifi, free area shuttle, an access to three bars and restaurants.

Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort

The location of this hotel adds to its attraction of travellers since it is located near the upscale beachfront with a spa. It is located near the Corniche providing the services of free valet parking, free wifi, restaurants, swim up bars and a central location.

Ibis Abu Dhabi Gate

This is family friendly hotel with its located near the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. Its affordable price does not compromises in its services thus providing access to spa, free valet parking, restaurants and bars.

Al Jazeera Royal Hotel

This hotel proves that its quality is not sacrificed due its cheap rate. Its location is near the Corniche with a glorious terrace and central location providing free wifi, comfortable living space and a 24 hours front desk.

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Now with a proper UAE visa being applied for through Etihad UAE Visa you can now choose your choice of hotel through the given list of 10 best budget hotels in UAE

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