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is uae a safe country

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The UNITED ARAB EMIRATES commonly called U.A.E. is a country in western Asia that comprises of seven beautiful emirates namely - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain. It is an amazingly pretty country with mountains, beaches, skyscrapers, and even holds the world’s largest zipline. but the two main questions which arise here are – Is UAE a safe country to visit for tourists? or Is UAE safe to live in?

Well, the answer to both the question remains the same, Yes, UAE is safe to visit or to live in. In fact, UAE is ranked as the third most safest country in the world. So, this really makes a lot of your concerns easier, doesn’t it?

In a general way, there are hardly any big crimes committed here. That is because of its strict law policies against all kinds of crimes that take place which makes it one of the lowest crime rates in the world. As long as tourists are concerned, acts of pickpocketing, sexual assaults or stealing is almost negligible.

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Visa scams are also not seen here. But for your safety, we explain below steps and documents needed for getting a UAE Visa 


  • Visa Application Form
  • Applicant’s photographs 
  • Scanned passport photocopy 
  • Payment mode 

Following are the steps you need to follow to apply for a visa – 

  1. Visit our website: Etihad UAE Visa
  2. Choose the country you belong from and the country you wanna travel to 
  3. Choose the type of visa 
  4. Fill the Visa Application Form
  5. Pay the fees through your preferred payment mode. 
  6. Wait for approval mail.

There are more instructions and full information for Visa – Its types, duration, usage on our website Etihad UAE Visa.

Do check it out for further information and queries. 

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While UAE is said to be a pretty modern place to live in, here are some general rules and regulations that needs to be followed by every citizen as well as a tourist visiting the country to be generally safe  – 

  • NO Use of offensive words or offensive language is allowed in a public place. With this, you are not allowed to spit in public, have a smoke in public, or show bad behavior. 
  • The legal drinking age in the UAE is set as 21. Also, public alcohol consumption or being drunk openly is not tolerated. 
  • Men staring at women is not allowed. 
  • Public Display of Affection or PDA is a punishable offense in the UAE. You are not allowed to have any act of intimacy in public
  • As far as clothes are concerned, women should not wear any showing clothes like skirts or dresses in public while men are expected to always wear a shirt and remain covered in public. 

Not adhering to any of these rules can cause you serious trouble by putting you in custody for a long period of time. 

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UAE is said to be the safest place for solo women travelers or women who want to live alone in the UAE.  Any kind of crime done with women causes a serious punishable offense. As crimes against women are the most common crimes happening around the world the main question to arise will be – Is UAE dangerous? Not really. 

Any kind of crime committed not just against women but in general, make you go through some strict laws and rules. Some offenses are said to be so worse that the instant death penalty can be given, which is a rare circumstance but it happens. 

UAE is generally said to be safe at night time as well. Even as a woman, you can go out in the night without any fear of any crime happening to you.

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Although the work environment is the same in the UAE as in other countries. It is safe to work in, the same workload for all genders, same salary for all genders, still there are few things that should be kept in mind like 

Dress according to the work environment 

As the rule stated above women are expected to be wearing full covering clothes in public places as any kind of revealing clothes are said to be indecent. So, it is in your best interest to dress up modestly and cover clothes. 

UAE follows Islamic tradition 

Any religion has some different kinds of things, practices to them that are considered offensive and they differ to some degree. In the same way, there are certain things that Muslims consider indecent 

No offensive word usage should take place in an office environment as it is a disgrace and loses your respect. Well, that is a thing which most probably is common for every person. No one likes the use of unprofessional language in a professional environment. 

Many Muslims do not like to have any kind of physical contact with each other or other genders until it is mutually acceptable. 

So, it is in your best interest to not try and initiate to avoid awkwardness in the work environment. 

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As far as natural disasters are concerned, UAE experiences extreme heat, and the summer season is common. Temperatures tend to rise up very much. so, travelers with high acceptance of heatwaves should prefer traveling in the summers to UAE. 

Conclusively, if you want to know is UAE a safe country then the answer is that UAE is definitely a safe place to visit and laws are suitable according to the needs as well.

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