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how to check for ban status to uae

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The UAE is also well known for its stringent laws and regulations and that its recognition is the provision of high living conditions to millions of foreigners. While the ex-pats' diversity presents a tremendous economic growth boost for the different UAE industries, it also offers a possible danger of non-citizens leaving the country to escape from any legal situation. Thus, the government puts a travel ban on UAE citizens in different conditions as a protective and preventive measure. It means that everyone is responsible for any violation of the legislation. In this article, we will get all the information about the UAE travel ban and How to Check for Ban Status to UAE.

What Happens After UAE Travel Ban?

The travel ban of the UAE is effectively prohibited from crossing the borders of the country – whether visiting, heading into, or leaving – by some mode of transport until any conditions to lift the prohibition have been satisfied.

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Reasons For Getting Travel Ban in UAE

To prevent any unexpected and unfavorable circumstances in the airport's immigration desk, the check for U.A. immigration prohibitions are suggested for foreigners. A travel ban may be enforced on many grounds. The most famous are:

  • An Inquiry into Crime
  • Infringement of refugee provisions
  • Bank loans not paid
  • Disputes about rent
  • Work without an explicit operating authorization
  • Visa overriding
  • exit the nation without the boss informed and job permits revoked

How To Check for Ban Status to UAE

  • In financial situations, residents can either attend a Dubai police station or conduct an in-person investigation if a criminal report against them has been lodged.
  • To find out the condition of the UAE visa prohibition, make a call conveniently. You must supply the call center representative with your passport number and a few more details. Residents of Dubai can call the Amer service at 800-5111 at no fee. You should dial +971-4-313-9999 for overseas use. It is the easiest way to search your passport number for UAE travel ban status.
  • If you face a potential travel ban, you may even employ a lawyer/attorney to run a detailed search on your behalf. It is the safest choice if you have a chance of a summons for detention. Checking a lawyer is also only possible when you are not searching for a UAE travel ban.
  • Another quick way to read about travel restrictions in the UAE is to search for the Dubai police website online. Let us review in-depth the online method:

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Online Method To Check UAE Travel Ban Status

Dubai residents can immediately verify UAE immigration bans by providing a free online service on the government's website or its smart Dubai Police app.

Steps to Follow for checking the status:

  • A legitimate Emirates ID Card is the first prerequisite to search the online travel ban status.
  • Visit the Dubai Police website or download the Google Play and the iTunes Dubai Police Smart App.
  • Pick "Financial Criminal Status" from your Personal Resources section.
  • Enter your name and the I.D. number of the Emirates
  • If you do not have a travel ban, you are told of your Emirates ID, a copy of your passport, and a letter from the authority to every Dubai Police station.
  • The Dubai Police website and app are free of charge to search travel ban status online.
  • You should call the Dubai police direct line for the Criminal Investigation Department, i.e., 901, to inquire about the travel ban and criminal condition of financial incidents or e-mail them at

How to Check Travel Ban Status in the Other Emirates

  • Residents of the capital can visit the Department of Justice's Abu Dhabi website to see if charges were filed in the Public Prosecution against them. In their Estafser e-service, a unified I.D. number is required to render applications related to the cases.
  • Dubai residents and other emirates should visit our UAE visa check guide.

The government's web facility saves time and money in collecting information about the status of travel restrictions. Being aware of your travel ban status would save you from any distress and embargo on being kept in airports by searching online or using other methods mentioned above.

It is useful to know the list of items prevented from bringing you to luggage at Dubai Aiport after you have passed this procedure. While several things are banned, many personalized items, including cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, are available. Don't we know what kind of drugs you can carry with you? 

Positive changes were made to the justice framework within the UAE. There are now Smart Police stations in Dubai to make law enforcement as open and available as possible. As a result, a mechanism such as the Ejari has been implemented to legalize lease contracts and create a seamless real estate management system. Both expatriates and the citizens of Dubai are promised to be secure and safe.

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So as you now know, How to Check for Ban Status to UAE, always a safe trip to UAE, and to get the Emirates Visa you can visit our website Emirates visa org.

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