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historical day trip in uae

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The UAE is famous for its developed emirates with high tech technology and sky touching buildings. Visitors are more inclined towards this luxe vacation destination for the unique and posh experience that it provides. There are also several historical places in UAE that are known by a handful of visitors.

Once you indulge in the historical day trip in UAE, you will discover that the country is more than tall buildings and luxurious lifestyle. It also has a rich cultural background that transcends people and time. In this article we will talk about the same. 

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Known for its rich culture and tradition, the UAE has so many heritage places that can be visited by the visitors. If you are someone who craves to know more about a country and its history, you will find these places worth a visit.


This is one of the most famous and most visited historical sites in Dubai. The densely populated area of Al Fahidi also known as Al Bastakiya is a place where you will get the opportunity to stroll around the narrow lanes that are lined with ancient buildings. The buildings over here are made of gypsum, stone, and wood. You can also visit some of the buildings which have now been converted into art galleries and museums. Also, during the UAE national day, you can view the spectacular function that is held in this neighborhood.


This iconic destination was once the royal abode of the famous ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. The sheikh stayed in this building for 46 years, from 1912 to 1958. This is one of the iconic places that visitors like to visit. This is where the first planning of Dubai as a global city was planned. Also, the current ruler of the city was also raised here. This adds even more significance to this building, making it a key historical building in Dubai. Visiting this place will let you gain the knowledge about the first steps towards the globally transcending country.


Jazirat al Hamra is a small town situated to the south side of Ras Al Khaimah in this country. The country has an expansive coast, which means that the country also has several ancient coastal village settlements all over. So is this town which hosts a collection of ancient houses. Also, it houses a mosque which is widely believed to be haunted in the locality. You will get to experience the insight into the traditional lifestyle of the country by visiting this amazing place.


This historical building in Dubai was a private school which can be labeled as semi formal which is currently managed and owned as a museum by the Dubai Culture and Arts authority. The school was built during the 1900s by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Dalmouk who was indulged in the pearl trade in the Persian Gulf. After his demise, his son completed the construction and named it after his father to honor him. The Dubai government then worked on the restoration of the building during the mid 1994 and converted it into a museum. Since then, the school attracts visitors who like to see the traditional classrooms, the ancient curriculum, and also the subject taught.


To explore Dubai, this is one of the best places that you can visit. This is one of the oldest villages around the city. It is located around the outskirts of the city inside the hatta region. It is a reconstruction of a traditional village that was located around the region. The mosques and houses inside this region were originally created using mud, fronds, palm tree trunks, stone, and reed. The village has almost 30 houses which have ancient interiors that will take you all the way to the heritage of this super culture rich country. The village opened to the visitors in 2001 and has attracted tons of visitors since then.


Located around the eastern region of Fujairah, this is thought to be the oldest mosque that exists. The mosque is estimated to be built around 1446 and is influenced by the ottoman culture. This is the reason why it has been nicknamed as Ottoman mosque. The mosque is located along the hillside with traditional palm mat decorations. It is also lined with stones on the outside. The oldest attraction in the country attracts the history buffs around the world.


Qasr Al Muwaiji (Abu Dhabi) is a fort that is almost 100 years old. Located inside the capital city, this fort was built by the son of Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa I. It is the birthplace of the royal kingdom of the country. The fort is decked with images all from the past which offers a glimpse to the visitor of the founding fathers of the UAE and their early days.


One of the most visited historical places in Sharjah is this expansive collection of museums and mosques that offers the visitors the sightings of ancient artifacts, calligraphy, equipment, and many other traditional tools. If you are not so familiar with the Islamic world, visit this place inside one of the seven emirate- Sharjah and look into all of it with details.


If you are too much into castles and forts, visit this incredibly lit place inside the capital city. Just so you know that the forts inside the country were used as a line of defense against the enemy groups such as bandits. This iconic fort is almost 200 years old situated on a rocky island, which is now connected with a modern bridge. You should know that the fort is a little tricky to find, so make sure to stick your eyes into the map.

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Located inside Fujairah, this is a village situated along the eastern coast of the country neighboring the country of Oman. This village was a key location for the sea merchants during the early 1000s to the 1970s. This is a natural harbor that has a plethora of things to offer to the relic hunter inside you. History is perched all over this village with several artifacts from countries like Iran, India, and China, this is a must visit.

There are a lot of historical places in the world and UAE adds some really remarkable ones into the list. A historical day trip in UAE will make you realize the beauty of the country in depth.

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