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getting to know about etisalat data balance and credit

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Getting to know about Etisalat Data Balance and credit can be hard if you have no idea how to check the balance and what are the steps needed in the same. But now that you have Etihad UAE Visa providing you a piece of detailed information on the same, you can now get to know about it without having to get confused or going around asking others. 

Data Balance Transfer

Sharp-witted and stress-free numbers allocation help which allows you to convey records to everybody with an Etisalat quantity whether prepaid or postpaid. accompany a slice out of your monthly figures allowance and refrain from them delay in contact.

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  • A fast, calm and open road to hand over figures set of scales to family and friends.
  • Transfers be capable of be in multiples of 100MB, with no bound in prepaid, and up to 5GB figures for each turn over in postpaid
  • Transfer fee: AED 3/100MB, exciting from the financial credit remainder or new to the monthly bill
  • Maximum of 5 numbers transfers are allowable apiece month from monthly policy of 1GB or above
  • Transferred facts validity: 10 days, consumed before other frequent information allowance
  • Transfers are normal as extensive as the sender’s lasting allowance doesn’t dip below 100MB

1. Usage

stopping at the My Etisalat UAE app

By dialling #100*Receiver Number*DataInMB# (for example, dial #100*05XXXXXXXX*1000#

to hand over 1GB figures to receiver’s digit 05XXXXXXXX)

By dialling #100#

2. Monitor Data Usage

As a receiver, you tin marks how greatly facts you declare gone in numerous ways:

Via the My Etisalat UAE app

By dialing the Etisalat balance check code *121*170#

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*Important to know:

As a receiver, you will be notified by the use of SMS upon consuming 100% of the transferred records allowance

There will be no out-of-bundle figures read after drinking of the transferred information balance UAE-based telecom partnership Etisalat announced a first-of-its-kind impression in the UAE someplace mobile postpaid customers preserve obtain one-time yearly records and/or minutes outspoken and give in 12 monthly installments. The 'Annual Add-Ons' will award patrons their packet allowance for the total day on their mobile postpaid subscription.

According to the Etisalat website, the one day authority allows patrons to advantage allowance any time during the day without nerve-racking about down unused allowance. The twelve-monthly Add-ons partake of four junk mail to match voice/data requirements of users therefore they tin in no way scuttle out of data. The main tie together is a twelve-monthly add-on of Etisalat balance which can be 1,000GB or 1 terabyte!

It is companionable with the complete postpaid consumer campaign with leasing owed over 12 inexpensive installments. However, postpaid accent disabled SIMs (Data SIMs) are not eligible.

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How to subscribe/unsubscribe

  1. by means of My etisalat app
  2. By visiting any etisalat question Centre or outlet.

Note: One-month progress payment or van recompense is required

To cancel your subscription, plainly pay a quick visit any small business Centre or outlet.

You canister trial your surplus through My Etisalat app or dial the Etisalat balance code *170# for facts enquiry and *140# for flexi minutes enquiry.

Now getting to know about Etisalat Data Balance and Credit is quite simple with the information that has been given to you. 

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