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soak up the sun at these spectacular beaches in dubai

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The emirate of Dubai, a luxury travel destination full of high-end architectural structures, avenues, and a royal lifestyle with the happening nightlife, is more than just offering this. With turquoise water and white sands alongside the Persian Gulf, the government of Dubai has made sure to provide a good amount of public beaches that are well maintained. Don't restrict your ideas about Dubai on this as it also provides some of the fine-sand beaches perfect for a quality leisurely vacation.  
To get a breather from the scorching heat of Dubai and provide yourself with a rejuvenating experience, choosing the suitable beaches to visit in this emirate can be a dilemma. To help you with that, through this article, we will be on some of the best Dubai beaches you can visit and what each of them offers. If you are an international traveler visiting Dubai anytime soon, make sure to apply for a UAE visa, which can be done by visiting Etihaduaevisa to enjoy what Dubai in general and its beaches have to offer.   



Dubai is known for its flickering high rises and the parched hills of the desert, however, throughout the course of recent years, Dubai is becoming famous as an ocean-side objective. The city has a long shore with white sand Dubai sea shores and completely clear waters, giving wild rivalry to any tropical island! The public authority had pursued making tomfoolery and safe sea shores, so these now have offices like evolving rooms, ocean side loungers, and cabanas, as well as cafés and food trucks coating the ocean front. We should look at a couple of them;


Jumeirah Beach is going to be the perfect place for all beach connoisseurs out there. One of the most famous places to visit in Dubai, the soft and fine granules of Jumeirah Beach's white sands await you to sink in. Treat your eyes to the glamorous view of the lavish seven-star hotel of Burj-Al-Arab of Dubai set against the coast. Jumeirah Beach is perfect for your leisurely vacation, where you can enjoy the sunset and spend a lovely evening alone or with your loved ones. Besides its views, there's a lot more to it as one can find a string of things to do in Jumeirah Beach. From cafes, barbecues, palm trees, desert gardens or children park's there are plenty of things to do here.   
Location: Jumeirah District, Dubai  


Kite Beach lives aptly to its name as the beach attracts thousands of tourists every year who visit this place to enjoy enthralling water sports activities in Dubai, in particular Kitesurfing. A family-friendly beach, the soft and clean sands with pristine white texture will help you cleanse your soul, making this place a perfect getaway from your daily lives.  Apart from trying Kitesurfing at Kite Beach, you can participate in beach volleyball, beach tennis, kayaking, football, etc. Also, providing its visitors with some elegant resorts and restaurants nearby to relax, any stay here will be worthwhile. 
Make sure to visit the beachside market, which is set up on Friday and Saturday that sells art and craft items, souvenirs, etc.   
Location: 35 A St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates



For those searching for sunbathing in an ideal spot on a beautiful stretch of sand, there couldn't be any better option than spending their day on Sunset Beach. Otherwise called Umm Suqeim Beach, this is one of the Dubai sea shores where you couldn't want anything more than to go for a morning run or a recreation walk while observing the stunning visuals of the sunset. You can likewise also partake in the view of Burj Al Arab while lazing around on this ocean side. 
Location: 22, Al Sagi Street, Sunset Beach, Umm Suqeim - Dubai  


Burj Beach is another fascinating beach to visit in Dubai, full of enchanting places. Get settled in Burj Beach by taking a stroll in its soft, excellent sands, hitting your feet with the sun setting down in the backdrop while the seashore makes soothing noises to your ears with its flowing waves. Be it finding an ideal spot to cherish the perspectives of Burj Al Arab, getting yourself a surfboard to ride the early morning waves, or sipping the coffee beans of espresso. There are plenty of things to give yourself a right deserve tranquillity experience which you may be seeking for.  
Please don't end your day at Burj Beach without surfing, swimming, or trying any of the water sports activities it offers, including skiing, wakeboarding, banana boating, and others, as these are the main highlights of Burj Beach.   
Location: Burj Beach is located at 35 2b St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates  


Picturesque during the day, the experience in Marina Beach becomes memorable after the sunset, with the impressions of the high-end tall buildings around it illuminating its waters. Being among the most visited beaches in Dubai, the tourism environment is always energetic and cheerful. To make your visit to Marina Beach a genuinely great experience, consider staying at one of the luxury beach resorts in this emirate. You can go through a day here loosening up in its loads of sand, resting under the sun. Make sure to witness the spectacular views of Dubai's cityscapes while having an evening cuisine experience.   
Location: Dubai Marina  



So it was our article covering the details about beaches in Dubai. It's safe to say that Dubai beaches are the way to avoid the hot and humid conditions that this emirate offers for most of the year. Any visit to these abovementioned beaches is there to take in and create beautiful memories with or without company. Through its fine white sands and crystal clear water, one can partake in an array of activities, be it finding the right spot to glance at the surreal view these beaches create or participating in the enthralling water sports activities it presents; there's always something for someone.  
What is also there for you to take in is a UAE visa if you are an outsider traveling to Dubai. Visit Etihaduaevisa now and make yourself comfortable by applying for the visa in your home comfort. Expect a timely delivery of your passport with utmost security and trust, so don't have any second thoughts and book your UAE visa now.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expect to find essential services like bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, and lifeguards at most of the public beaches in Dubai.   



For a pleasant time at the beaches of Dubai with bearable heat, it is recommended to visit them during the winter months, from November to April. 

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