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Know the difference between Entry Permit and a Residence Visa

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Over time with modernisation and easy travel resources being available, avenues of different countries have opened up for everyone around the world. All a person needs to do is make a passport with their home country or country of residence and they are good for travelling the world. Although apart from the passports depending on the countries one wants to go to, visas and permits are issued.

Depending on the purpose of the visit of the person different types of visas and permits are issued for the UAE. According to the purpose of the visit, the person needs to put in a suitable application for a visa or a permit. Sometimes people tend to get confused between these two and that creates an issue for them. This article is a complete overview of the entry permit and residence visa for Dubai which also provides a clear difference between both.  



The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports Security issues entry permits to foreign nationals so they can enter and remain in the United Arab Emirates legally for a specific amount of time.  

  • The document can be either printed on paper or a digital copy. You can check if you require entry permission on landing or you can get one at the airport.  
  • If you have received an invitation from an individual who resides in the UAE or from any organisation, you can apply for an entry permit. It may be a family member, a friend, a travel operator, a hotel, or an airline that flies into the United Arab Emirates. 
  • The length of the entry permission depends on the kind of permit.  
  • The UAE government issues a variety of entrance permits, including those for work, family visits, travel, transportation, medical care, missions, and attending conferences. 


A Dubai resident visa is issued to foreign nationals only after they enter the country using an entry permit. For a foreigner's residency visa, only sponsors who meet GDRFA standards may apply. 

  • A residency visa necessitates that the individual being sponsored take a medical examination, demonstrate his or her fitness for travel, and pass a security inspection. 
  • The duration of a resident visa varies based on the kind and sponsor. Duration of one, two, or three years is allowed. 
  • If the duration of the trip is less than six months, the GDRFA will adhere to a residency visa to the passport, allowing him to travel freely within the UAE during the visa's validity. If not, the visa will be revoked. 
  • For applying for the residence visa the applicants may need to undergo a medical and security check.  
  • If you plan to stay in the UAE for a long period then you must get a residence visa. A resident visa enables visa-free travel to many other countries as well as the ability to create a bank account, obtain a bank loan, obtain a driver's licence, and access the healthcare system. 


The primary distinctions between an entry permit and a resident visa will be covered in detail because we learned about both in this part along with the residence visa. The difference between these two are: 

  • The residence visa will be of longer validity as compared to an entry permit. A permit will be valid for a maximum of three months but a residence visa can be good for up to three years. 
  • Getting a residence visa gives you the benefit of opening a bank account, getting a driver’s licence, and a bank loan and also lets you use the healthcare system of the country.  
  • For an entry permit, an application will do but for a residence visa, you will need to secure a sponsor
  • For a residence visa, you need a security and health check which is not required for an entry permit. 
  • The purposes of entry permits and residence visas differ; accordingly, the requirements also differ. One should choose wisely while applying and make the correct choice per their needs.  



Finally, it can be concluded that entry permits can be easily availed but for a residence visa, you might need to fulfil specific criteria. With this article, the distinction between an entry permit and a residence visa must be known to you.  Applying for an e-visa for Dubai with Etihad UAE Visa is the most effective method. 24X7 visa helpline support and 100 per cent visa approval make Etihad UAE Visa the best among its competitors. So visit  Etihad UAE Visa and apply today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A visa is a document that details your immigration status to a certain country whereas a permit is anything that provides information about your immigration status when you are abroad. 

Please be aware that the biometric residency permit is not a valid travel document by itself and must be shown at the border along with a valid passport. The document can be used to prove identification, immigration status, the right to work, and access to public benefits when used alone, though.

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