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Application procedures and specifications for a cultural visa for Dubai

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For many, Dubai has always been a utopia and a dream trip. Regardless of the distance, people often visit Dubai because they honestly believe it is worth their time and money. Dubai is a tranquil environment and a popular tourist destination. In terms of culture also, Dubai is particularly a rich nation. It is full of culture and tradition which is strictly abided by the residents of the nation. People travel to Dubai from many parts of the world to experience its tradition and culture.

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority grants 10-year entrance visas based on culture to accomplished and well-respected creative people from the writing, visual arts, theatre school, custom, legacy, experience, and understanding sectors, as well as intellectual and artistic companies. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai collaborates on this. The visa is available to current UAE residents.

This article will provide information on the cultural visa to Dubai and also the documents and application procedure.



The Dubai Cultural Visa was empowered by His Highness in 2019 Long-term residence permits are available from the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. This visa helps many artists and talents to showcase their talent to the world. Here are some points to note about Dubai Cultural Visa

  • If the applicant fulfils the criteria that are set by the Dubai authorities, then a cultural visa to Dubai can be easily granted. 
  • A history of academic and creative success is necessary, as well as several years of residency in the nation. 
  • The visa candidate must promise to do at least 36 hours of service in the UAE's artistic or creative industry to become eligible for the visa. 
  • If your registration is accepted, the GDRFA in Dubai will provide you with a certificate authorising you to apply for a long-term cultural visa

Once your visa is granted, your visa can be automatically renewed without any sponsor requirement


There are a few requirements which must be fulfilled for a person to be eligible for the Dubai cultural visa. Some of those requirements are:  

Profile of the Candidate 

The candidate must demonstrate their artistic profile which should be of at least 5 years of experience. Their qualifications should be proper and each academic achievement should be descriptively highlighted.  

Recognitions and Alocadas 

Candidates must specify any local, national, or international awards, medals, certifications, or acknowledgements obtained from prestigious institutions, as well as the appropriate dates and information. 

Contributions to the society 

Candidates must show documents demonstrating their involvement in community-run arts or artistic initiatives. With the application materials, a full overview of the project's aims and the types of artistic activity intended to help them should be included. 

Academical references 

The academic details of the candidate which must be submitted for the cultural visa to Dubai are: 

  • Attested academic credentials.  
  • Authentic certificates if acquired. 
  • The most current specialization must be demonstrated. 

Affiliations and participations 

Candidates must indicate all affiliations with non-profit organizations (NGOs) as well as other regional, national, and/or international artistic and/or cultural institutions. 

Occupation time 

Candidates should also mention their employment position, such as whether they work full-time or only as a freelancer. They should also include the companies with which they have partnered or backed. 

Financial stability 

You have to show the financial statement for one year. The baseline annual salary should be AED120k. 


There is a systematic process to apply for a cultural visa to Dubai. However, one can always apply for a Dubai visa using the Etihad UAE Visa. Collect these documents before applying for a visa to Dubai

  • A photocopy of the residence visa, passports, and Emirati ID is required. 
  • The applicant's profile 
  • Location of residence 
  • Contact information 

Following the submission of the required papers and data, the following procedure is followed: 

  • Visit Etihad UAE Visa 
  • Select your living and citizenship country 
  • Fill and upload the required documents 
  • Pay the visa fee and track it until it gets approved.



The introduction of Dubai's Cultural Visa has allowed the city's creative population to flourish during their varied vacations in all spheres of the cultural and artistic. As a result, our comprehensive overview of the Cultural Visa in Emirates includes all the information you need, whether you're looking for information on the application method or simply need clarification on the required documents. The Dubai Cultural Visa is a long-term residence permit for creative workers and businesses in Dubai.

Visit Etihad UAE Visa and apply for a Dubai visa now! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit Etihad UAE Visa and apply for Dubai cultural visa. They also provide 24X7 help support along with 100 per cent visa approval.

Let’s take a look at the documentation needed for Dubai cultural visa: 

  • The invitation letter, passport copy, and copy of the host's UAE residency visa are essential documents. 
  • Completed and signed visa application form with coloured photo of the applicant. 
  • Original passport required for verification, valid for six months after departure. 
  • Emirates or Fly Dubai confirmed tickets for the outbound and return journey. 
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