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UAE has become very popular and several tourists are looking forward to visiting this great country. This has resulted in several incidents of fake visas. Many individuals are forced to pay a large sum of money for visas and they don't get too bored planes and face a lot of difficulties on arrival. A lot of fake visas are discovered every year and Agents use different strategies to provide short-term visit visas that allowed them to interview but they also make false job permits that can be easily detected by the airport police. All the individuals with fake visas returned to the ambassadors and were deported back to their countries. There are also several reports of agents issuing forced visa prints to individuals. These prints are enough for people but they cannot go unnoticed by immigration authorities. They can catch them and if they discover that it is a counterfeit then they will deport you.

There is a great demand for Dubai visas based on the number of individuals that want to visit each year. A lot of these individuals can be involved in frauds and scams and there have been several incidents of visas being forged and sold for a lesser price than the standard visa price. Due to this a lot of people fall for this and they cannot tell the difference between real and fake. Lower price is also a big factor in this scam.

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How to check UAE visa is original or fake?

The best way to confirm the originality of your Dubai visa is to go on the official website of the UAE.

  • Find the general inquiry section.
  • Fill in necessary details including visa number, name, nationality, and birthdate.
  • Proceed ahead and fill in other information.
  • If your visa is genuine then you will be given information about your passport including validation and expiration date.
  • If your visa is fake then you will not find any information about your password.

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There is also another way with which you can check for the originality of your visa,

  • Install the general Directorate of residency and foreigners affairs application.
  • Go to the visa inquiry option.
  • Provide the required information and submit it.
  • If your visa is valid then you will find the information just like the previous way of verification. If you are unable to find the information then your visa is fake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals of GCC do not require any kind of visa to enter UAE. However, another Nationality is can apply for Visa on arrival and others will need to apply for visas in advance if they do not want any trouble at all.

Visa number is provided as entry permit Number starting with 201/YYYY/XXXXXXXX in new entry permits and a number beginning with 201/YYYY/XXXXXXX next to “File” stamped on your passport.

You can check visa status by visiting the website of consultants that represent the country in India. Also, you can check your visa status by entering your personal information at the official website managed by the Bureau of immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs.

To check your residency visa validity you will need your passport number and passport expiry date. If you have a photocopy of your passport or scanned version saved on your mobile you can go online and enter your passport number to know no the validity of your residency visa in UAE. The federal authority for identity and citizenship offers this service with the official website.

Visa status is also known as immigration status and it is legal permission to remain under specific conditions defined by your visa documents. There is a lot of different visas is status such as F1 is used for students and J1 is for a scholar from DS 2019. H1b is for a professor with an approval notice.

You can find UAE Visa Stamping status by entering your application number and passport number on the official website.

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