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The best places to visit in Ajman 2022

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Among all the emirates, Ajman is probably the least explored. The emirate is the UAE’s best-kept secret and if you actually want to experience the ethos and culture of UAE., then you cannot miss Ajman. The emirate is located in the northern part of the country on the Arabian Gulf between the emirate of Sharjah and Um Al Quwain.  

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If you are planning to visit the UAE, then your trip will be incomplete without experiencing the emirate of Ajman. If you want to experience the best side of the emirate and make the most of your trip, then you must visit the following amazing places.   

Ajman Dhow Yard 

A dhow is a traditional Emirati boat made with local timber and resources. Dhows have been an integral part of the life of Emirati people for centuries and even today, the vessel has not lost its significance. Dhow is the best means to travel around the emirates and the Ajman Dhow Yard is the best place to hop onto these vessels and take a tour of the emirates. 

Ajman Beaches 

Ajman shares a long coastline along the Arabian Gulf and this coastline has given the emirate some of the most amazing beaches in UAE. The beaches are the perfect way to relax and unwind and enjoy the moderate climate of the emirate amidst nature. The most famous beaches in the emirate are; 

Al Zorah Beach 

The white sand beach is the perfect picnic spot where you can enjoy fishing with your family. A part of the beach is owned by the Oberoi hotel. That means that you can get some really great accommodation on the beach itself. 

Al Zoriyah Beach 

You can enjoy water sports at the beach and taste the best Emirati cuisines in the restaurants near the beach. 

Ajman National Museum  

The museum is an 18th-century fort built in the heart of the emirates as the residence food for the ruling family. The Ajman Fort is one of the UAE’s most significant historical landmarks. Today the fort has been transformed into a museum that exhibits the rich history of the emirates.  

The artefacts and displays in the museum display the tradition, business, profession, and lifestyle of the days gone by.  


City Center Ajman  

How can a trip be complete without shopping? And what would be the better place to shop in than the emirate’s largest mall, City Center Ajman, which is spread over 35.000 square meters, the mall witnesses 10 million tourists every year.

Al Jarah Cultural Center 

If you want to learn about the rich history of emirates and how they have developed over time, then Al Jarah Cultural Center is the perfect place for you.  

The centre has an open-shelf library that has books from a wide range of topics, a children's library, and a theatre where all the functions and workshops take place. 

We would advise you to hire a guide or visit the place with a local friend as the majority of the instructions are in the Arabic language and sometimes your mobile translator will not support you. 

Etisalat Tower 

In addition to the emirate’s booming infrastructure, the Etisalat Tower is an architectural masterpiece that you just cannot miss. Built-in mosque-inspired pattern, the towers  

Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque 

Among all the religious sites in Ajman, Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque has a special place. The intrinsic and remarkable architecture of the mosque makes it not only a religiously important site but also a must-visit place for admirers of design and architecture.  Built-in the memory of the Late Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the mosque is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ajman and a palace you cannot miss. 


Less explored and less crowded, Ajman is the UAE’s best-kept secret. Your trip to UAE will be incomplete without visiting the Emirate of Ajman. The place reflects the traditional charm of the UAE and does not fail to provide any modern facilities for its visitors.  

We have mentioned some of the best places in the emirate where you can experience the best of what Ajman has to offer and create some fond memories. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

City Center Ajman is the emirate’s largest mall and the best place to go shopping. 


Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque is the most significant religious site in the emirate of Ajman 


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