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Everything you need to know about the launch of the 3rd generation of UAE passport and visa system

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Emirates is a nation in development in all areas, including commerce, education, and tourism. There are several motives for which individuals travel to the UAE, and each one requires a particular type of visa. As there are many visitors each year, there has been an immense flow of visa applications for the UAE visa. Over time to improve the visa process to UAE, constant upgrades are being conducted. These upgrades make the process easier for the officials and the applicant. These changes lead to immense improvement in the visa application and approval system. This article will discuss the progress in the UAE passport and visa system due to the launch of its upgraded third-generation version. The article will also focus on the application process involving the e-visa.   

New visa system announcement

An announcement was made that the government will launch a new 3rd generation system of UAE passports and visas which will be brought to action from 5th September. The new executive regulations explain in detail the visa and residency permits. By drawing in qualified employees, talents, professionals, specialists, and experts, the new rules will promote economic diversity and sustainable development in the nation. According to the government, the launch of the new passport is a component of a more significant initiative to modernize the security and technology standards for establishing a person's identity.


Implementation of a new visa passport-visa system  

The government of UAE introduced the new and upgraded 3rd generation passport and visa system on September 1, 2022. Passports from the previous generation can still be used for travel until they expire. Renewal requests can be made starting on September 1, 2022. The new regulations offer several residencies and categories to draw investors, business owners, highly skilled workers, exceptional pupils, and other individuals. The new types of the upgraded new Third-generation UAE passport and visa system are as follows:  

  • Green visa  
  • Visit visa  
  • Golden Category visa  
  • Golden residency for Scientists  
  • Golden residency for Professionals  
  • Golden residence for exceptional talent  
  • Golden residency Entrepreneurs  
  • Golden visa for outstanding and graduate students  


The new visa system has been launched with immense benefits for all foreign nationals residing in Dubai or willing to live in Dubai. The visa benefits all categories: professionals, students, businessmen, families, and entrepreneurs. According to the government of UAE, the many benefits of the new visa and passport system of UAE are as follows:  

  • The new model allows visa holders to stay for 60 days, as opposed to the current 30 days.  
  • Parents can sponsor their male child for up to 25 years now which was 18 earlier. Which allows them to stay in UAE even after school.   
  • The new plan will streamline processes, introduce additional benefits, break the connection between residency and the job sponsor, and improve quality of life.  

The visa and passport upgradation will be beneficial for each category of the new visa upgradation as follows:

Green visa

The green visa allows the holder to stay up to five years without any sponsor. The green visa permits the holder to bring along family members and grants a grace period of six months following the expiration or cancellation of residency.  

There are three types of green residences:  

  • Professionals
  • Independent contractors and other self-employed individuals.
  • Investors to launch or take part in business ventures.

 Visit visa

  • The new model provides elimination with the requirement of sponsorship. It gives new opportunities to people arriving. It also offers multiple options to people for up to one year.
  • The visit visa also gives the young professional a chance for job exploration. This lures the new talented individuals to UAE, and to top it nowadays, no sponsors are required.
  • The exploration visa allows investors to investigate potential investment opportunities within the UAE. The presence of a sponsor or host is not required.

Golden Category visa

  • The Golden Residence Scheme has undergone many significant changes to streamline the golden visa process.   
  • People that fall under this golden category of visa holders have a maximum of ten years of residency in the UAE.   
  • The maximum amount of time that can be spent outside the UAE without losing the Golden Residence is unrestricted under the new regulations.  
  • The changes let the holder of a Golden Residence sponsor any number of family and friends to the UAE. When an owner of the Golden Residence dies, the family members are permitted to remain in the UAE until the expiration of visas.  

Golden residency for Scientists  

  • The new regulations aim to encourage and expand investment in the real estate market by offering new incentives in the Golden Residence to investors in this vital sector.  
  • Then purchasing one or more off-plan properties from recognized local real estate firms for at least Dh2 million, investors may additionally qualify for a Golden Residence.

Golden residency for Professionals

  • To draw highly qualified professionals with training and work experience in all fields, including medical, the sciences and engineering, information technology, business and administration, education, law, culture, and the social sciences, a significant expansion has been made in this area.  
  • According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization classification, which complies with the International Standard of Classification of Occupations ISCO by the International Labour Organization, the applicants should be in the first or second occupational level.

Golden residency Entrepreneurs  

  • For entrepreneurs to be eligible for the Golden Residence, the executive regulations set flexible criteria.   
  • A startup must have annual revenues of at least Dh1 million, be owned by the entrepreneur or include them as partners, and be registered in the country as an SME.  

Golden visa for outstanding and graduate students  

  • This is a new change introduced in the UAE's third upgrade of visas and passports.  
  • This is for graduate students that want to study and pursue a career in UAE. The outstanding students can also use this facility to stay in the UAE further. 

Where to apply for an e-visa? 

With this new update, it might be confusing for travellers to apply for an e-visa in the UAE. Many establishments are still incompatible with the recent changes, which may give you extra trouble applying for visas with the old visa systems. However, with Etihad UAE Visa, it is easy to use for the same. The designs are up-to-date and are compatible with the new passport and visa systems, making them the best among all. You can get your visa delivered to your email in 3-4 working days without performing any typical lengthy procedure. The following are the steps to apply for an e-visa to UAE:  



  • Visit Etihad UAE Visa  
  • Choose the type of visa and duration you want  
  • Select your citizenship and living country  


  • Click on Apply for a new visa  
  • Fill the application form with precision  
  • Upload the documents that are requested  


  • Recheck and cross-verify all the details
  • Pay the minimal visa charges
  • Note down your tracking ID and application ID
  • Keep tracking until you get your visa 


The article gives a complete overview of the newly implemented upgraded 3rd-generation UAE passport and visa system. It provides an idea about the all-over benefits and the individual category benefits of these visas, along with the safe and secure e-visa procedure by Etihad UAE Visa.  


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To check visa status in UAE, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:  

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